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8 Steps to Choosing a “Core Correct” Pilates Teacher

Renee showing a move on the reformer.Do you know how to choose a “Core Correct” Pilates teacher? Most people don’t.

On a daily basis, clients stroll into my studio sharing with me their nightmare Pilates experiences. My response is always the same: “Did you ever ask a teacher where they were trained?” or “How long have they been teaching?”

Here are some general questions and information you can use to search for a qualified Pilates teacher by getting to the Core of their training and experience:

  1. Are the instructors trained through a comprehensive training program?
  2. Did that training program require a written and practical test, lecture, observation, practice and apprentice hours?
  3. How many total hours are spent in the training program? (The Pilates Method is a knowledge based method of exercise and training. Time spent in certification training produces qualified teachers.)
  4. Does the instructor have any other movement related teaching experience?
  5. How long have the instructors been teaching Pilates?
  6. What is the instructor’s or studio’s philosophy and specialty? Are they able to handle special needs, injuries, and rehabilitation?
  7. Does the instructor or studio teach the full repertoire of Pilates on all pieces of apparatus?
  8. Teaching Pilates for whole-body fitness requires a great deal of specialized training, including a proven understanding of how the body moves efficiently.
Take these 8 steps out for a spin when evaluating Pilates teachers and remember to keep breathing.

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